How to find a supplier in China?

by Natasa Radicevic, 8 Comments.

You’ve decided to open your online store and ship products directly from China to your customers. First of all, congrats on starting a new business adventure. ???? The idea you have is excellent, you’ve done your research, and you know that you can find customers for your product. Now, all that is left is to find a good supplier in … Read More

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Want to use ePacket for shipping to India?

by Natasa Radicevic, 90 Comments.

In order to better serve the e-commerce community around the world, China Post decided to offer another similar logistics service called eCourier. This shipping service allows shipping products with batteries and supports shipping from China to India, among other countries.

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ePacket Shipping Restrictions

by Afroz Nissar, 18 Comments.

As always, there are restrictions when it comes to shipping packages internationally. Here’s an overview of the rules to follow if you want to ship via ePacket.

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