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Then this note is important for you!

ePacket is a shipping service by China Post. If your package was shipped by ePacket, that means that China Post shipped it for you, not us! We are a logistics company named ePacket Express and we did not ship your package.

When your seller tells you to contact ePacket, they mean you have to contact China Post. Here’s a link for you – Yes, it’s in Chinese. They don’t speak English.

That means we cannot help you with:
1. Tracking packages you bought online,
2. Finding lost packages,
3. Updating the address on shipments (which not even China Post can do),
… and anything else related to a package that you purchased.

Any emails asking us such questions will be ignored!

For more information about your package you can visit, China Post ePacket or contact your seller. 

Thank you for understanding!

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