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Looking for a reliable supplier in China? 

Don’t have much confidence in the quality of the products from China?

You need a reliable partner in China you can lean on?

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You asked. We listened. You wanted us to help you source products in China.

Well, now you've got it! Check out our new buying and sourcing services, tailored to your needs.

Buying and Sourcing Services

What are our Buying and Sourcing Services?

Our Buying and Sourcing Services are for people who need assistance getting the best products at the best prices from Chinese suppliers... without the usual hassles that come with it.

What is the difference between our Buying and Sourcing Services?

While they sound pretty similar, there's actually a simple difference between these two services of ours.

  • Buying Service

    If you already have a supplier in China and you just need someone trustworthy to make a purchase on your behalf, you need our Buying Service.

  • Sourcing Service

    If you know what product you want to source but you have no idea how to go about finding a supplier, negotiating prices, arranging for samples, managing quality control, and more (or you just don’t want to handle any of that), our Sourcing Service is exactly what you’re looking for!

When do you need our Buying Service?

So you found a supplier in China and you're ready to make a purchase. Unfortunately, you ran into some complications, so...

  • You need someone in China to make the purchase for you.
  • Or maybe you want to make a purchase on AliExpress and have the product shipped within China.
  • Or you want to purchase something on a Chinese site but you're required to have a Chinese shipping address.
  • Or perhaps you run an ecommerce store and want to have the products sent to a logistics company in China (we know a good one!) who will then handle shipping for you.
... or you have another special requirement that makes it hard for you to make a purchase in China.

Well, fret not!

Send us details about your supplier along with details about the order and we'll make the purchase for you!

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When do you need our Sourcing Service?

You're a business owner. You know what you want to sell. You also know how much of a hassle it can be sourcing products from China. (And if you haven't yet realized it's a hassle, you'll find out soon enough...)

Site back and relax.

Let us know what you need and we'll handle the rest. We will:

  • Find you suppliers that can provide high-quality products at the right price and at the right time.
  • Negotiate price and delivery terms. Trust us, you'll probably get better prices when negotiating with suppliers in Chinese.
  • Handle procuring samples and mailing them to you for inspection.
  • Help you run quality control checks on the goods before they are shipped out either to you or to your China-based warehouse.
... and more. Just send us details about the products you want to source and let us take care of the rest!

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How does this work?

Buying Service

  • You send us contact information of the seller you’ve found

    Either send us links to the products you’d like us to buy (from AliExpress or similar websites) or contact information of the seller.

  • We contact the seller on your behalf

    We will contact the seller and confirm the price to see if there are any discounts or other changes.

  • We send you the invoice

    We will send you an invoice for the total cost to buy and ship your products to our warehouse.

  • We buy your goods!

    After you make the payment, we will buy your goods and have them shipped to us.

  • We store or ship out your package

    Once we receive your goods, we will either store them or, if you have orders in the system, we’ll ship them out right away.

Sourcing Service

  • You tell us kind of products you're looking for

    Send us links or details about the products you need.

  • We send you our offer

    We will search for different suppliers that offer these products and send you prices for the best 1 or 2 options.

  • You choose the supplier

    Look through the options we provide and choose whichever you like best.

  • We send you the invoice

    We will send you the invoice for the total cost of the order and shipping to our warehouse.

  • We buy your goods!

    After you make the payment, we will buy your goods and have them shipped to us.

  • We store or ship out your products

    Once we receive the goods, we will either ship them out to you or store them in our warehouse until you receive orders.

Ready to find the RIGHT supplier in China for your business?

One size does not fit all, which is why our solutions are tailored to each client’s need.

Tell us your requirements, and we will get back to you ASAP with the best offer for your business.

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